Alukap-XR 60mm Top Cap Only 3.0m

The Alukap-XR 60mm Standard Glazing Bar Top Cap Only, is the premium option for securing any thickness of glass or Axiome Polycarbonate Sheets to timber rafters or other sub-structures.
Manufacturer part number: AKX20026BR
Delivery date: 1 - 3 Working Days (Mainland UK)
£72.38 incl VAT
Top Cap Only
The Alukap-XR 60mm Standard Glazing Bar. The Alukap-XR glazing system is designed for high quality roof glazing with class-leading aesthetics and sightlines. Alukap-XR is a fully aluminium system with concealed fixings and without any plastic connectors for better sealing and maximum longevity presenting a leak-proof long lasting roof glazing solution. Total base-to-cap surface cover also allows simple butt-joint connection for fast and simple installation making it great for both residential and commercial structures. Alukap-XR is designed to work ideally with any thickness of glass or glazing.

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