Composite Doors

Our newest addition to our door range are Composite doors these doors come in a choice of traditional colours (off the shelf) and have a stunning grained effect on them rather than a flat painted effect surface. We also offer an aluminium flat effect as well as a colour match service to any colour of your choice (longer turn around time required contact us for more information)

These doors are manufactured using high tech machinery and the latest in Energy Efficiency technology and have an excellent energy rating as well as having a greater impact resistance than steel or timber doors.

The GRP materials used to manufacture these stunning external doors is a higher quality than most standard timber, steel, aluminium or UPVC doors with stunning colours and many glass options for you to choose the perfect entrance to your home.

Once fitted these doors are fully guaranteed not to warp, crack or twist and the high quality internal and external finish is easily wiped clean when required and also maintenance free as it will never require painting, and as the face of the door has the colour through the face rather than painted on it will also be very resistant to cosmetic scratches showing through if damaged.

Door Slab Specification

  • Manufactured from the highest quality materials
  • 42mm High Density pure PVC outer stiles
  • 2mm compression moulded, Glass Reinforced Plastic skins
  • 6mm polypropylene Secure Design reinforced security board
  • Slab U-Value as low as 0.8 (solid core doors)
  • Laminated Veneer Lumber reinforced inner stiles (Density - 570Kg/m3)
  • Laminated Veneer Lumber reinforced rails (Density - 570Kg/m3)
  • 10 Different off the shelve common slab colour options
  • We can manufacture to any colour using a unique composite door colour match service at no extra cost, (longer lead time required call us for more information)
Composite Door Slab Cut

Glass & Furniture Options

  • Choose position and number of glazed panels on your door
  • Choose from hundreds of different pre-designed glass patterns
  • Optionally style or design your own glass (contact us for more information)
  • Handles available in White, Satin Silver / Gold, High Polished Silver /Gold & Graphite
  • Optional Standard / Slimline door knockers with / without Spyhole (colour to match handles)
  • Letter box To match handles
  • Optional Long Pull Bar Handles (450mm /550mm /750mm)
  • High performance Q-Lon weather seal gaskets

Frame & Security Options

  • High security with 5 dead bolt locking system
  • High performance security door hinges with multiple adjustments for ease of installation
  • Multi chamber, Thermally reinforced UPVC profile
  • Optional security chain letter box To match handles
  • Optional High security, Anti Pick AntiBump, Anti Snap Euro cylinder Key Lock
  • Optional thumb turn
  • 6mm polypropylene Secure Design reinforced security board in slab

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Composite Doors
Composite Doors
Composite Door
Red Composite Doors
Composite Doors

Composite Doors

Composite Door

Red Composite Doors

White Composite Doors
Blue Composite Doors
Green Composite Door
Red Composite Doors
White Composite Doors

Blue Composite Doors

Green Composite Door

Red Composite Doors

White Composite Doors
Blue Composite Doors
Green Composite Door
Red Composite Doors
Rosewood Composite Door
Tan Composite Doors
Black Composite Door
Custom Composite Door

The SecureDesign™ Door Slab - uncompromised standard of design, build & quality to stand the test of time.



With a remit to constantly innovate, we are delighted to introduce the NEW PAS 24:2016 SecureDesign™ Door Slab, specifically designed to further enhance the performance of the composite doors to deliver a truly maintenance free door with even greater performance.

Foam Flowability

All Capstone doors have a high-density polyurethane foam core. Flow ability of the foam is critical in the performance of a GRP door. Our SecureDesign™ door slab is designed and engineered for the best flow ability of our foam. This reduces possible foam voids, bulging and uneven surfaces.

Superb Security

With improved foam flow ability, our SecureDesign™ door slabs have been designed to create less areas of vulnerability, which improves the security of our door and also increases the difficulty of cutting through the door.

Product Consistency

Our SecureDesign™ door slabs are injection moulded to the specific design, delivering the same specifications each and every time. This allows consistent performance in every door. We can exact match your door to any exact colour of your choice.

Moisture Control

Our SecureDesign™ door slabs are made with polypropylene, which eliminates water absorption, and will not bulge or rot, even if water intrudes through openings from seal failure of glass and letter plates. Polypropylene retains its shape even after torsion, bending and / or flexing

Corner Sample
Poly Polypropylene Reinforcement

SecureDesign™ door slabs have been designed to create fewer areas of vulnerability and deliver superb security.

The SecureDesign™ door slab is built into the door in such a way that it’s an integral part of the door core, rather than ‘floating in the door.