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People are moving home less frequently than ever before.

Family's change rapidly and the result of this is a large rise in the number of garage conversions in Glasgow and Lanarkshire being carried out to create a proper and useful living space from that area which is actually serving no purpose at the moment other than storing unwanted items from the home.

Clyde Windows & Construction can convert your garage from a cold and under-used space into a warm and habitable room that will improve your lifestyle and add value to your property this is what garage conversions are all about.

It also makes economic sense to utilise space already paid for rather than move, and it means you can stay in the same neighbourhood, so your children can remain at the same school and you already know your neighbours, This is probably one of the cheapest ways of gaining more living space and adding more value to your home, other options can be a bedroom with en-suite, a games room or a TV. Room.

There are lots of different options available with a Garage Conversion. If you still need storage space, you can convert only a part of your garage, leaving you somewhere to keep your lawnmower or bicycles.

If you have a double garage to convert you can convert half of it, leaving you space to park your car or if you have a detached garage this also can be converted into comfortable living accommodation.

People are moving home less frequently than they have been for a very long time.
Family,s change rapidly and the result of this is a large rise in the number of garages being converted into a proper and useful living space.