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Edwardian Conservatory


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The Edwardian conservatory is a very popular option for conservatory design. The rectangular shape not only acts like a natural extension of your home, but also allows for the maximum amount of internal space due to its square edged corners. Whether you require the room to act as a dining room, enlarged living room or playroom, this style will allow the maximum amount of furnishings to be utilised.
The Edwardian is a very versatile design; even buildings with height restrictions such as bungalows can be accommodated due to the flexible ridge design ensuring the overall look seamlessly fits with your current home.

Performance Glass.

Celsius Performance Glass - Part of the Global Glass range from Synseal

At the heart of the Celsius range lies tried and tested technology, specially developed by one of the world’s largest glass manufacturers, with over 35 years experience in glass production.
Thanks to products such as Celsius One and Celsius Elite, consumers are ever more aware of the benefits performance glass can bring to any conservatory. Celsius Clear completes the range by providing a performance glass solution for side-frames.
Technical Data:
The table below gives you a clearer idea of the impressive performance of Celsius One, Celsius Elite and Celsius Clear when compared to standard glass or polycarbonate.
Technical SpecificationCelsius
U-Value 1.0 0.9 1.0 2.8 1.75
Solar Factor 22% 22% 42% 75% 55%
Visible Light
38% 34% 61% 80% 68%
Heat Reflection 78% 78% 58% 25% 45%
UV Protection 94% 94% 73% 25% -
Toughened to
BS EN 12150-1
Yes Yes Yes Yes X
Manufactured to
BS EN 1279-2
Yes Yes Yes Yes X
10 year warranty
against seal failure
Yes Yes Yes X X
Easy Clean coating Yes Yes Yes X X
Cavity Fill Argon Argon Argon Air X
Blue Tint Yes Yes Neutral Tint X X

The figures shown above are for guide purposes only. Slight variations may occur due to glass specification, time of year, manufacturing tolerance, point of manufacture and type of instrumentation used.


Visible Light Transmittance:

This is the percentage of visible light directly transmitted through the glass.
Solar Factor: This is the percentage of total solar energy (or heat from the sun) able to pass through the glass.
U-Value: This is used to measure internal heat loss during cooler periods. The lower the number, the greater the insulation.
UV Transmission: Sun damaging UV rays are dramatically reduced, allowing greater protection of your furniture and fabrics.

Edwardian Conservatory Roof Conversion

We can also convert your existing Edwardian Conservatory to insulate it far more than it currently is. If you feel that your conservatory is too hot in summer or too cold in winter we can make a real difference for you, by adding a space age insulation blanket and installing internal decorative UPVC cladding.  This to prevents against heat in the summer, and provides maximum insulation from cold transfer  in the winter,  our roof insulation this will also reduce unwanted rain and traffic noise se our start to finish installation videos here.

Pilkington Active Blue vs Celsius One


Storm Tested.

Gale Force Test's
Watch the video of our roof systems being wind tested and Snow Load tested way beyond industry standards.