Energy Efficient

Lower your energy bills by installing Vista-Therm in your replacement windows – proven to be the most energy-efficient window glass available in the UK.

Vista-Therm is a new generation of energy saving window glass that uses advanced coatings to retain more internal warmth whilst capturing free energy from natural daylight. That means lower energy bills compared to standard windows.

Using Vista-Therm as a good reference for your window installation quote should be able to give you window quote for A rated windows using the frame of your choice, for around the same cost as less energy efficient windows.

If you are planning to replace your existing single glazed or double glazed windows, and you want the best possible choice for energy savings, ask your installer for Vista-Therm.

Insist on Vista-Therm for a warmer home and lower energy bills.

What Is Energy Efficient Glass?

A staggering 26% of all domestic heat loss escapes through the windows*. Installing energy efficient windows can save you up to 28% per year on your heating bills compared to traditional windows and frames so it is very important that when looking for a upvc window quote or prices you ask about the Energy Efficiency of the products.


Research has shown that many homeowners assume that all double glazing is equally energy efficient. In fact, there are huge differences in performance and it is the glass that makes the difference.

Vista-Therm is a new generation of energy saving window glass and the most energy efficient double glazing available. Its advanced coating technology reflects radiated heat back into the room, rather than allowing it to escape through the windows. At the same time, Vista-Therm allows free heat and light from the sun to pass through the glass.

The result? – Lighter, brighter, warmer and more energy efficient homes thanks to the advanced thermal insulation of Vista-Therm which is 3 times more efficient than single glazed units and at least 25% more efficient than most currently installed double glazing.


Free Solar Heat Gain

Vista-Therm uses advanced coating technology to capture free energy from natural daylight to help heat the home


Thermal Insulation

The advanced coating reflects heat back into the room, meaning less energy is needed to heat the home to the desired temperature


Optimal Energy Ratings

Vista-Therm combines with virtually any window frame to achieve a Window Energy Rating (WER) of C and an A rating is easier to achieve


Haze & Tint Free Windows

Vista-Therm maximises the amount of natural light into the home, without the haze or tint effects associated with some older double glazed windows


Eliminate Condensation

Vista-Therm helps to virtually eliminate internal condensation and reduce draughts and cold spots in and around windows


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