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Fascia & Soffit

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Roofing products available in Scotland from Clyde

Fascias / Soffits / Roof Trim

At Clyde we now have a stunning range of Roofline products that will enhance the look of your home and reduce essential high level maintenance work around your home and now you can dramatically transform your home exterior with Clyde Rooftrim, safe in the knowledge that it'll keep its looks for many, many years to come and with the minimum of maintenance. This means no more sanding, painting or climbing wobbly ladders.

Timber has traditionally been used to enhance a home's exterior. Fascias, bargeboards, soffits, and cladding - it's surprising how much timber there is on the outside of most houses. The trouble with this is that, along with your guttering and downpipes, it all needs regular maintenance to stave off the problems of rot, rust, mould and insects - let alone keeping it looking smart and clean after all these boards surround your full house and can be viewed by everyone and anyone so it is important to always having these trims looking their best that's why we've introduced a range of long-lasting, low-maintenance uPVC Rooftrim products that all come with a 10-year guarantee.

Roof finishing products - Paraverge

We also have our stunning new paraverge product which leaves all peaks of your house with a new cleanline stunning finish instead of the old and dated plastic tile end caps nailed together ( as below)  we now have total protection for every house roof from the elements, for many years cement mortar has filled a gap between the tile or slate, and the under-cloak. Today both components are significantly improved for weather protection, but the cement is still a vulnerable area. ParaVERGE provides the answer. Whether the continuous, or a tile-by-tile  system is required, both are available in a number of coloured finishes.

Roof Bird and Leaf Protection

Many people do not appreciate the extent of the damage that can be caused by birds getting under the tiles of a roof. Whilst they initially go there for shelter, nesting or to look for insects, the birds will often peck away at the roofing felt. This can eventually result in rain-water leaking unseen onto the roof timbers and into the loft causing damp and rot which requires expensive treatment or even, in extreme cases, a whole new roof.

Clyde Windows & Construction have the right solution to the problem. We can install our new leafguard product which is part of our stunning new range of roofline products. This will replace decaying or damaged roofing-felt with a recycled uPVC material which is resistant to further attack and enables rainwater to drain away into the gutter rather than onto the rafters. This new system consists of a row of flexible tines that compress and conform to the profile of the tiles thereby forming an effective barrier which prevents birds from getting in and nesting in the rafters whilst maintaining adequate ventilation, in addition to these benefits it will also stop most of the falling leaves entering your house drainage system and creating very expensive drain issues.

      White Upvc Roofline   White Upvc Roofline with Downlights


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Fascia, Soffit & Rainwater
Got Leaky Guttering?
Rotten Timber?
Don’t want to paint anymore?

We are specialists in replacement & cladding of Fascia

Soffit & Rainwater goods. Our dedicated fitting teams
have vast experience of roofline installations and
produce perfect results every time.

Only the highest quality materials are used complete
with an insurance backed 10 year guarantee.

Our high quality fascias, soffits, guttering & accessories are designed for ease of fitting and low maintenance, with no painting required. Perfect for new homes and for replacing old fascia’s.

Replacement Fascia

Available in standard flat bull nose or decorative ogee finishes.


Complete range of soffit boards available to give your roofline an attractive, clean – edged finish.
Available in standard flat board, ventilated flat board or lightweight hollow soffit boards.

Capping Fascia 

Stylish and cost effective range of Upvc boards designed to fit over existing timber fascias. Standard or decorative ogee finishes available for direct fixing to existing fascia boards. An attractive and easy installation solution, for any replacement roofline project.

Colours available in White, Golden Oak, Rosewood, Mahogany & Black

Eave End Protection system

We fit an eave end protection system as standard on all replacement fascia applications. The eave end protection system can be used for refurbishment projects to replace rotted roof/gutter felt and supports the existing felt to help prevent ‘pending’ behind the fascia board.

Roof Cladding

Refresh tired, old brickwork/block work or timber cladding with robust, low maintenance Upvc cladding. Easy to fit, clip together Upvc cladding will enhance any home. Provides a low maintenance, weather resistant solution. Available in shiplap or open v – styles in white and a range of woodgrain finishes.