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Heat Reflective Polycarbonate

Heat Reflective Polycarbonate   

We can replace your conservatory roof with a new Energy Efficient conservatory roof that will not have all the too hot and too cold features that you currently have as we now use the latest up to date conservatory products.

As well as Glass options for conservatory roofs we can also offer a great combination of quality light transmission and high thermal insulation provided by polycarbonate to assist energy efficient conservatory type structures and this  can also reduce the need for artificial lighting and promote more efficient heating of the conservatory and just as important polycarbonate assist the conservatory to keep cool and deflect heat from direct sunlight.  With a choice of polycarbonate structures providing great  U values from 1.9 W/m²K to as low as 0.83W/m²K, polycarbonate in this era is now one of the most energy efficient glazing materials available, with better insulation properties than some triple glazing or argon filled double glazing, this glazing material offers an highly effective means of reducing the energy consumption and carbon footprint.


  • - Thermally insulating with U values as low as 0.83W/m²K
  • - Reduces the energy consumption of a building
  • - High natural light transmission
  • - Reduces the need for artificial lighting
  • - Reduces the energy consumption of a building
  • - Lowers the buildings carbon emissions
  • - Impact resistant
  • - Weatherable and UV resist

Polycarbonate is now available in much higher grades than before and most conservatory roofs that we are currently replacing can be up to 22 years old, the latest high quality polycarbonate sheets  have heat reflective properties built into the sheet which are invisible to you so it looks great on your existing frames.

Your existing conservatory frames can take this roof without any structural issues as it would also be one of the lightest options for you.



  • - This option would probably be your cheapest replacement.
  • - Immediate start as no council permissions are required as this product is still a glazed roof therefore your existing building warrant still applies.
  • - Quickest install of all replacement conservatory roofs.


By using the most cost effective roofing system the money you save, could be used to upgrade the glass in the windows to Energy Efficient giving more warmth in the winter and keeping you cooler in the summer.



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