New Wave Doors

New Wave Folding Doors


Complete flexibility

Your PVC New Wave enjoys the same flexibility as its aluminium counterpart.

How often are you actually going to be able to open a bi-folding door? Well, you may not be able to control the weather, BUT you can control how you open your New Wave Door

New Wave have brought to life a whole new concept in sliding door systems. With groundbreaking design and engineering excellence, no other sliding door or bi-folding door system on the market can match New Wave for its elegance and ease of use.

In our country with its varied climate we don’t often get the opportunity to open our patio doors fully. What we do get regularly however, is a requirement for ventilation. New WaveTM allows you to position the doors in a safe vented position. As much or as little ventilation as you choose!

New Wave Folding Doors

Altogether a wall against the weather

The New Wave Door has an excellent weather rating because the panels on a New Wave Door slide together and have full engagement with a double weather seal.

When closed the New Wave Door becomes a wall rather than a door. The individual panels don’t have to fold or slide past one another so they can fully engage with each other to form one large panel: A wall against the weather (and the intruder)!

The New Wave DoorTM meets and exceeds the most stringent security standards in the industry today.

  • Panels fully engaged with each other when closed.
  • Panels are captive within the track and cannot be removed by levering action unlike some patio bi-folding door systems.
New Wave Folding Doors

Pure and Simple Elegance

It's not what you see its what you don’t see.

Thanks to the concealed ingenuity of the Patented Magnaline and New Wave Door technology the sliding panels have no unsightly handles, hinges or weather seals: simply stunning, All you see with the New Wave operating system is how it works not how it looks!

The New Wave DoorsTM never encroach in the living space or the patio space in the opening and closing cycle until they are in the resting position.


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New Wave Folding Doors



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