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An Orangerie will be a room you can enjoy all year round at Clyde we only build heated and fully insulated warm room Orangeries. Under the floors and behind walls of our Orangeries are all fully insulated with the latest rigid board insulation so you can be safe in the knowledge that any Orangerie quote from us will be hopefully more efficient than any other Orangerie quote that you may find if you are in the market for a Orangerie price or estimate. We then use the latest insulating glass for the windows and doors coupled with the latest insulation boards used in the roof and we have many styles of Orangerie roofs to choose from as these are designed for the ultimate in heat and comfort throughout the year for your Orangerie. With the help of Clyde's planning and Orangerie designing expertise, the options available to you combined with modern technology will ensure that your Orangerie is wind and watertight, warm and secure whatever the weather in our Scottish climate.

What is an Orangerie?

Orangeries are fully insulated solid walls and glazed roof. We would describe an Orangerie as a bit of a mix between a Sunroom and Conservatory, Like a conservatorie has a Glazed roof, not fully glazed usually less than 70%.

Like a sunroom Orangeries have brick walls top to bottom, However orangeries have more glass coverage on the walls than a sunroom, and unlike sunroom in an orangerie the glass wall panels can stretch top to bottom rather than glass window panes.

That said, Garden Orangeries are available in all shapes and sizes but, most importantly an Orangerie can now be built specifically for you and your home. With thoughtful design it will feel like a natural extension to your home from the inside and complement the architecture of the building and your garden from the outside. We can also carry out a visual 3D laptop presentation in the comfort of your own home and together we can design and let you preview the finished article before you continue. This can be helpful to see all Orangerie options, costs and finished designs. Our expert Orangerie designers are more than happy to provide this service to make sure that your design is exactly how you dreamed and imagined.

Only when the Orangerie has been fully designed and we have made all the practical arrangements for your build, including the preparation of working drawings,obtaining relevant permissions from Council planning, Building control, Scottish Water and Transco are the components manufactured in our workshops.

Adding a fully insulated UPVC in Glasgow, Lanarkshire and throughout central Scotland is one way of creating a bright and comfortable new living space to your home, but as there are so many options these days it can become mind boggling trying to make up your mind which design to go for as there are standard designs such as an Edwardian or Victorian which are built more than any other styles to the much simpler lean to design as well as many other designs and pressure from a sales person pushing you to sign a contract or choose a design your Orangerie can make it even harder this is where the 3D laptop design in your living room really helps you to choose the perfect Orangerie for you most importantly without any pressure or hassle.

With all the recent changes in Orangerie from building regulations there are more and more conservatory companies not entirely up to date on these ever changing regulations and some who quite simply could not care less and are happy to sell you anything rather than something that is the right product for your home and garden. One main change is that any Orangerie estimate we provide must be insulated whether they are being heated or not, these changes have been incorporated due to the high volume of so called Orangerie specialists advising their clients that they can put heating into a UPVC conservatory upon receipt of the completion certificate even though the has no insulation built into it.

We are here to ensure that you receive the correct guidance before we give you an Orangerie estimate or quotation on the design, build type, construction method of your proposal and most of all maintaining that you choose the correct firm to construct your dream at a fair and reasonable cost to you.

For full technical and snow and wind load test results and other helpful videos go to our VIDEOS page and see how far our roofs are independently tested.

Orangerie Benefits:

  • All year round use
  • Very Grand Apearance (Adds value to home)
  • Plenty of light into house

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