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UPVC Sash windows

Clyde's Upvc sash windows are perfect if you are replacing your old timber sash and case windows as modern Upvc sash windows have the elegance of yesterdays wooden sash windows.

Todays Upvc sash windows have the benefits of Upvc sliding sash frames, double glazing and sprung counter balance sashes (no more sticking windows and no more maintenance) This has obvious benefits over the old iron and lead sash weights on a waxed cord, which were prone to breaking. New Upvc sash windows carry all the same architectural features including brass ironmongery of old wooden sash windows.

Feature of our Upvc sash windows at Clyde are low maintenance, you'll never have to paint them, now with K glass and storm proof seals, mean you'll can turn your heating down and never experience drafty windows, rattles or jams again.

Clyde Upvc sash windows have one feature that your old windows will not have: a tilt feature This feature allows you to clean your windows from the inside.

We also can supply and fit a full range of timber sash and case windows with a choice of various colours, designs and finishes.

The elegant conservation grade vertical sliding PVCu sash window from Clyde Windows & Construction provides all the benefits of period charm while retaining the high technology of PVCu at a cost-effective price.

  • NOW..Available with run through sash horns
  • 9 colourways available including the new Irish Oak
  • Energy Saving Trust recommended product
  • Period vertical sliding sash window look
  • High energy efficiency
  • Frames designed for high security
  • High quality hardware
  • Multi-tilt opening for ease of maintenance

Advantages of the Vertical Sliding Window System

  • This new heritage range uses PVCu over timber ensuring superior thermal retention properties, excellent weathering performance over time and very low maintenance for the end user, without losing the character of a sash window.

  • Even the hardware associated with Synseal sliding windows mean you can offer tailored packages for a traditional to more contemporary finished product. Robust locking devices guarantee high levels of security and the sash window balances maintain equilibrium at any point of travel when tilting.

  • The innovation doesn’t stop there however; at Synseal we don’t recreate existing designs we improve them. Every vertical sliding window has been uniquely designed to be multi-tilt to aid maintenance and cleaning for the end user.

  • Large window spans are easily covered by linking together window units, part of the original design innovation means spans of 1500mm wide x 2500mm high are completed with ease.

  • The new run through sash horn , not only improves the visual of the window enabling a greater sales advantage, it is easier to install with no accessories to retro fit to achieve the same look and ensures a better all round finish. This is arguably the best vertical slider deisgn configuration on the market currently. The rapid expansion of the Synseal VS brand is proving that for quality and a window that provides an easier selling prospect , partner with Synseal !


5 Designer Style Options - Cottage / Grid / Cruciform / Single Bar / Double Bar

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