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Technical information for our products.

As standard all our double glazed UPVC doors, Composite doors and UPVC windows are Custom built to the highest standards to the sizes you require after being surveyed by us.

All UPVC Window and Door frames are built using 70mm UPVC profiles that have achieved BBA and BSI Accreditation in their own rights, testing for this is paid for by our system supplier and they hold this specific accreditation. This is why we test and choose our UPVC system supplier very carefully.

All UPVC Window and Door frames are made from 100% virgin UPVC on all visible faces and then recycled UPVC is used internally where it is not visible for additional strength as well as helping the environment.

All our UPVC doors feature 6 point multi hook locking systems with hook locking points to every door, Vistatherm energy efficient money saving double glazed safety glass for even greater energy cost savings. We also use recycled reinforcing to all of our frames as standard as recycled upvc reinforcing is now making its way into the market as this increases the energy efficiency of the door or window and is as strong as the steel reinforcing. This means you can enjoy piece of mind knowing that your UPVC item is built to last.

Your UPVC door can be hinged on the left or right, to open inwards or outwards, hinges used are steel flag hinges which allow adjusting on four different points for ease of use and door adjustment all doors have three hinges as standard rather then only two hinges.

We are so confident in the quality of our UPVC doors we offer a full 10 year guarantee which can also be backed up if required by a further independent guarantee from an independent insurer should you require further peace of mind.

Toughened or laminated safety glasses are used as per requirements or clients specific needs however toughened safety glass is used as a basic standard.


Eurocell Eurologic UPVC profile system- Single and double leaf inward and external opening doors

Certified to;

BS PAS 23-1: 1999 General performance requirements for door assemblies - Part 1 Single leaf, external door assemblies to dwellings.

BS PAS 24-1: 2007 and clause A11: 2009 Enhanced security performance requirements for door assemblies. Single and double leaf, hinged external door assemblies for external dwellings. ( BSI Kitemark 57030 Refers.)


Eurocell Eurologic UPVC profile system- Casement, Tilt and Turn, Fully reversible and fixed light windows

Certified to;

BS 7950; 1997 Specification for Enhanced security performance of casement and tilt and turn windows for domestic applications. ( BSI KITEMARK 41325 Refers.)

Recycled Plastic Reinforcements

To meet WER standards in the most cost-effective way a little extra profile cost provides a huge glass cost saving while still attaining 'A' Ratings and top 'u' ratings. Rigorous development trials and simulation reports were conducted before Eurocell launched the Recycled Reinforcements range.

Advantages of Recycled Plastic Reinforcements

- Recycled Reinforcements replace the steel insert for spans up to 3 metres on our profile systems. The inserts are made from 100% recycled Eurocell waste PVCu or product that has returned from a certified supply chain.

- These inserts break up the inner chamber of the profile preventing heat loss and ensuring a more thermally efficient profile.

- With Eurocell Thermal chambers the following are now achievable;

- A+ rating on the BFRC Energy index

- 1.W/m2K U-value or A+ rated to achieve new Build Regulations

- 1.3W/m2K U-value or lower for new build and social housing.

- The Recycled Reinforcements exceed BS6375-1:2009 requirements for wind resistance (1600Pa exposure category) meaning they provide not only thermal efficiency but also a cost effective alternative to steel reinforcement.

- Eurocell innovation doesn’t stop here however, the new thermal multi chambered intermediate outer frames have also been launched to coincide with these inserts. This now provides the most significant thermally efficient profile system on the market to date!

- Chambered frames comprise a traditional profile outer design with a 5 chamber web system internally. This web acts as thermal breaks, greatly reducing heat transfer from inside the room to outside. By breaking up the thermal flow in each chamber, heat loss is significantly reduced through the frames.

- By adding just a float glass outer pane an A rating can be achieved for the completed window, and as if this wasn’t enough of a benefit, the 5 chamber web system also provides extra rigidity and frame strength.

We hope that this page is informational and answers all your questions, however if you would like to ask us anything else about our UPVC Door Range Please contact us on (01698) 888228.



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