Additional French Door Edge Strip

Additional French door Edge Strip
SKU: Additional French Door Edge Strip
Manufacturer part number: Additional-French-door-Edge-Strip
Delivery date: 4 - 8 Weeks Due to Exceptional Demand During Covid 19


We Will Cut To Size FREE of Charge


We will cut to a smaller size, with a machined finish free of charge, waste / off cuts (not noted below) will be discarded.


We can cut multiple sheets out of 1 larger sheet  (Max. 6 cuts per sheet ) 



Include dimensions in the text box i.e.

1@ 950mm x 950mm ...


1@ 400mm x 950mm

1@ 525mm x 950mm





Attention !

Please measure your door a second time to double check, perhaps even triple check the last thing needed is an error in any of the sizes as the door will be manufactured to the sizes supplied.


If you have more than one internal door you can type in the multi line box below i.e.


1@ 768mm x 2010mm

1@ 804mm x 2005mm


If you are unsure about anything please call us before ordering. After your order is placed and items are cut to size, your order can not be changed!

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Additional French door Edge Strip


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