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Alukap-XR Additional Bar Endcap Each WH

The Alukap-XR Additional Bar Endcap is supplied with Alukap-SS Bars, however, additional endcaps can be ordered where bars are being cut in to multiple lengths.

Axgard Clear 10mm UV Protect Polycarb 1000 x 2000mm

Axgard is a virtually unbreakable glazing sheet extruded with UV protection on both sides for maximum longevity and prevention against discolouration. Axgard Sheets can be easily curved and cut to size making Axgard Sheets an incredibly versatile solution.

Alukap-XR 10mm End Stop Bar 3m White

The Alukap-XR Endstop Bar is designed as a superior sheet end closure which will not warp, discolour or crack therefore providing ultimate sealing and weatherproof protection for Axiome Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets.

Alukap-XR 60mm Bar 4.8m 45mm RG WH Alu E/Cap

The Alukap-XR 60mm Standard Glazing Bar is the premium option for securing any thickness of glass or Axiome Polycarbonate Sheets to timber rafters or other sub-structures.

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