Small Shop - Covid-19 Clear Safety Guard (2x) 1m Screen Kit

Small Shop - Covid-19 Clear Safety Guard - Easy to assemble plastic / perspex / acrylic guard to protect staff and customers from spray / droplets.

Simply screw the bar to counter and or wall to hold poly carbonate sheet steady. Works with 6mm clear safety perspex can be easily cleaned with disinfectant. Se full description below. At no extra cost we will also cut small gaps in bottom of sheet in middle to provide a perfect clean / smooth finish for handing over goods and cash.

  • Includes 1 Stop Bar - 4.8m Length
  • Includes 1 Pack - 50 Clear Capped Screws
  • Includes 1 Sheets - 1000 x 2000mm
SKU: Virus-Safety-Glass-2
Manufacturer part number: Virus-Safety-Glass-2
Delivery date: 3 - 5 Working Days


We Will Cut To Size FREE of Charge

We will cut to a smaller size, with a machined finish free of charge, waste / off cuts will be discarded.


Include dimensions in the text box i.e. 950mm x 950mm


Clear Safety Barrier / Guard - Perspex 

Helping to stop / prevent the spread of the Covid19 Virus - Other sizes and options can be arranged.

Enough for 2 safety screens 1m x 1m

Axgard is a virtually unbreakable glazing sheet extruded with UV protection on both sides for maximum longevity and prevention against discolouration. Axgard Sheets can be easily curved and cut to size making Axgard Sheets an incredibly versatile solution.

Can be drilled and cut easily, if you know your dimensions we will cut the poly carbonate to your exact sizes. (Free Of Charge)

Please make sure you email us your order number or call us after placing your order if you need a custom cut sheet to allow for goods and payment to made.

Enough material to create barrier 2m x 1m or (2x) 1m x 1m- 6mm Thick Can be cut to multiple smaller barriers. If you need something for a smaller or larger project / application.  Please email further information and requests to 

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