A+ Rated

High thermal performance without compromise

The thermal inserts are made from 100% recycled material and work by creating additional cavities in the frame to reduce heat loss as well as providing the performance of a minimum reinforcement window.

Using thermal inserts or thermally chambered frames to create a A++ rated frame means we don’t have to reduce our manufacturing efficiency or compromise the integrity of your windows in order to achieve high energy ratings or lowest U-values, giving you the customer a greater chance to lower your heating bills.

Lower Heating Costs

The ability to manufacture high energy performing windows without adding cost was a crucial factor in the design of inserts and thermally chambered frames.

The range will: -

  • Achieve A+ rated windows & low E glass.
  • Achieve A+ rated reinforced windows meet the new Building Regulation.
  • Achieve A+ the low U-values required by house builders and social housing landlords.
  • Achieve A+ rated glass unit configurations, with a better rating than triple glazing.

Reasons to choose A++ Rated Frames

There are two major reasons why you should choose windows that carry a A+ rating when you improve you home

  1. They are better for the environment.
  2. They save you money.

In simple terms, energy rated windows utilise the suns FREE solar power to help heat your home. Excellent insulation qualities ensure that ‘heat loss’ through your windows is kept to a minimum. Both of these functions result in your heating bills and energy consumption being dramatically reduced.

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A++ Rated Window Frames

A++ Rated Window Frames



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