Solek Clear 16mm twinwall 1050 x 5000

Solek Clear 16mm twinwall 1050 x 5000
Manufacturer part number: AS16SK23
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We will cut to a smaller size, with a machined finish free of charge, waste / off cuts (not noted below) will be discarded.


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£633.08 incl VAT
Axiome Bronze Multiwall Polycarbonate is a lightweight roofing sheet extruded with a UV layer on one side for maximum longevity and prevention against discolouration. Axiome Bronze Multiwall Sheets are manufactured in a bronze tint for a great shading effect and excellent glare reduction properties. Axiome sheets are easy to trim and cut to size making them simple and quick to install. All Axiome sheets have structured walls for maximum rigidity providing a shatterproof and robust glazing solution great for many roof glazing applications including conservatories, canopies and lean-to's.

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